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Financial Consulting

HistorConsulting helps your nonprofit enhance profitability so it can accomplish its mission.

Financial Advisor

HistorInvesting, A Fee Only Financial Advisor, helps you transform your income into wealth. HistorInvesting is a Wealth Strategist and Registered Investment Advisor.


Cheryl Nester brings a unique background to financial and business management. She has an undergraduate degree with majors in economics and business administration, and a concentration in accounting.


Histor Financial Companies


Are You Tired of...

  • Not being in control of your own finances?

  • Feeling overwhelmed with the need to better organize your financial records and management system?

  • Being confused about what you need to do to start or maintain a business?

  • Wanting to accumulate assets (wealth) to leave to your heirs but not being sure of how to do so?  Feeling uncertain as to how to better manage your income?

  • Being afraid or confused about what problems we may face in today’s turbulent economy?  Should we plan for deflation?  Should we plan for inflation?

  • Feeling pressure as a nonprofit organization to raise funds or better manage funds?

  • Having a mediocre organization when you truly want excellence

The Histor Companies offer you assistance by providing:

  • Sound financial and management practices for individuals and businesses

  • Specialized assistance to executors and trustees as they go through the process of settling estates or trusts

  • Confidential and customized services as a wealth strategist to help transform income into wealth, or better manage assets already accumulated

  • Insight into appropriate and strategic actions for times of inflation or deflation

  • An opportunity for you to advance in knowledge and skill so you can be in control of your finances

  • Evaluated and proven experience in nonprofit management

  • Expertise for independent schools, including Christian and classical models

  • Successful ways to develop and strengthen children’s ministry and missions in churches

For more information, please click on individual company above.

A 30-minute complimentary consultation is offered to prospective clients to determine if our expertise complements your needs.

The HistorCompanies serve clients throughout Virginia, with specialized service for independent schools offered to surrounding states, and to all ACCS members.

(HistorInvesting, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor. Registration as an investment advisor does not imply a certain level of skill or training.  Specific information about an advisor, which includes the firm brochure, helps you determine whether to retain an advisor’s services.)

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