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“Helping you transform your income into wealth”

A Fee Only Financial Advisor

HistorInvesting, LLC is a Wealth Strategist and Registered Investment Advisor. HistorInvesting provides confidential financial and management consulting services to professionals, business owners, and other individuals to help them transform their income into wealth.  Whether you are a small business managing $2 million in income or an individual managing $50,000 from an annual salary, the same financial principles and methods apply to each. Outgo must not exceed income; some funds must be spent, some saved or invested, and some given away. The person most interested in how the money is managed is the owner of the money. HistorInvesting realizes this and comes alongside the individual or business to help maximize the receipt and use of income so as to build wealth and protect assets – all within the context of relationship.

One of the unique services offered by HistorInvesting is assistance in the financial settlement of estates and trusts.  HistorInvesting is pleased to help in the transfer of wealth from current to future generations.  Deuteronomy 8:18 says that we are to remember God, for it is He who gives the power to gain wealth.  Proverbs 8:21 says that those who love wisdom will inherit wealth, so that God may fill their treasuries.  God blesses in many ways; one aspect of His blessing is revealed through His financial provisions, especially from generation to generation.

HistorInvesting offers assistance to small businesses and individuals in:

  1. Budgeting and Cash Flow Principles (Strengthening your income statement)

  2. Wealth Building and Asset Enhancing Strategies (Strengthening your balance sheet)

  3. Assisting Executors and Trustees in the Financial Management and Settlement of Estates and Trusts

  4. Financial Organization and Control

  5. Business and Accounting Methods

  6. Personnel and Benefits Consultation

  7. Investing and Portfolio Development

  8. Wealth Management and Strategies

  9. On-the-job Training Services in business procedures or accounting

  10. Seminars and workshops on money management

  11. Special-Project Executives

HistorInvesting is not a broker/dealer nor is it affiliated with any broker or dealer. HistorInvesting is a fee only Registered Investment Advisor. As a fiduciary under the Investment Act of 1940, we must place the client's interests above our own. We don't sell any financial products (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, etc.) We help clients obtain these and other investments, but we have no vested interest in selling them. This makes it better for our clients, since there is no financial incentive as to which investment product is chosen. 

Please contact us to schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation
to address your specific needs.


Consulting fees are based on an hourly rate or project cost, whichever best serves the client’s purpose. HistorCompanies consulting fees are similar in cost to the rates charged by other service professionals.

(HistorInvesting, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser.  Registration as an investment adviser does not imply a certain level of skill or training.  Specific information about an adviser, which includes the firm brochure, helps you determine whether to retain an adviser’s services.)

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