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Non Profit Consulting

“Helping your nonprofit enhance profitability so it can accomplish its mission”

HistorConsulting, Inc. provides financial and management consulting for nonprofits,  with a specialty in churches and independent schools including Christian and classical models.  HistorConsulting  is a nonprofit organization that seeks to assist other nonprofits. Nonprofit organizations are established to fill a need in a community and their emphasis is on benevolent and charitable works. While their goal is not financial profit, they must be financially profitable in order to accomplish their missions. The financial and business areas of a nonprofit are usually the weakest. HistorConsulting can help your nonprofit strengthen these areas so it can continue to fulfill its vision.

HistorConsulting offers nonprofit organizations support in:

  1. Accounting Procedures and Financial Controls

  2. General Business Management and Strategic Planning

  3. Personnel Management and Benefits Consultation

  4. Budgeting, Cash Flow and Debt Management

  5. Fund Raising and Revenue Enhancement

  6. Seminars and Workshops on Money Management

  7. Special-Project Executives
    (Additional Support for Independent Schools, including Christian)

  8. Curricular Planning & Extra-curricular Activities

  9. Training & Development for Teachers

  10. Missions Preparation for Short-term Mission Trips (teens and adults)

  11. Unique ‘Life-Skills’ classes and camps
    (Specific Support For Churches)

  12. Building and Strengthening an effective Children’s Ministry

  13. Developing and Sustaining a vibrant Mission’s Ministry


“Keeping Christ in the Conversation”

HistorConsulting, Inc. is an affiliate business member of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS).

Please contact us to schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation
to address your specific needs.

Consulting fees are based on an hourly rate or project cost, whichever best serves the client’s purpose. HistorCompanies consulting fees are similar in cost to the rates charged by other service professionals.

I am honored to recommend Cheryl Nester of HistorConsulting, Inc. to prospective clients. Mrs. Nester provided valuable and extremely helpful training to Rwandan HUGS, Inc. a Bedford, VA based nonprofit ministry several years ago. Specifically, she worked in the areas of recruiting and leadership development for our board of directors. In addition to the valuable training Cheryl provided for us she also helped develop a highly useful manual for newly recruited and existing board members. Although I had served on boards of several nonprofits in our community this was my first experience in leading a nonprofit and her advice was a tremendous gift to me. Cheryl generously donated her services to Rwandan HUGS and has continued for many years as a devoted supporter. It was clear that she does this as part of her faith practice as a devout Christian. Her love for the Lord shines in all she does.

Nancy Strachan, Founder/President, Rwandan HUGS, Inc.

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